How Do You Create A Boat CGI?

The marine sector is an area where we help deliver and bring a boat CGI to life. One of the common questions we are asked is, ‘but how do you do it?’ Lets explain in a bit more detail.


A boat CGI plays a key role to share a vision for boat shows, individual customers, brochures, advertising and a presence online from showcasing imagery on websites, to social media. Whilst the final product has a place to be seen, everything has to have a start.


Collating as much information as possible is imperative for a successful project.  When it comes to building interior CGI imagery, conversations with architects to understanding the layout helps determine the style. It’s the same for all interior imagery, the DWG files we work from needs to have all the detail that needs to be addressed.


The biggest challenge when creating boat CGIs is producing an exterior image that takes into consideration the internal layout. Translating the 3D geometry from the drawings can be one of the most rewarding, as well as demanding parts of a CGI project. When building the exterior of a boat, unlike creating a property image when all the detail arrives in one folder, information and model detail can arrive from a number of sources. Information may not necessarily be complete but the major parts of the boat are defined, such as the hull, the bow and deck (and other curved areas that matter).


Once the material detail is received, the build of the image can commence. A schedule is then agreed to work towards the first draft. The beauty of technology today is that working with customers across the globe, once we receive the major components of the boat, the responsibility is with the CGI team to create a stunning image that is sympathetic to the original concept from the client.


During the CGI build it is imperative to be accurate, there is no tolerance for inaccuracies for either an interior or exterior image. Attention to detail for any boat CGI is the key to the success of a project.


Here is how the development looks. From a wireframe structure:


wireframe interior boat cgi_architecture in motion



To creating a more natural enviornment.

interior boat cgi_architecture in motion


To producing the final image.

interior boat cgi_architecture in motion


Once the CGI model builds momentum we can then apply the aesthetics such as the immediate environment and including people.


For our video footage, we help create digital water, an effect where the realism of the environment plays a central theme. This is vital in producing an image that looks natural within its surroundings.



This is also true of using people within a boat scene. Whether a still image or a video, the use of people has to look true within their surroundings and can become a real focal point for the final delivery.


With an agreed number of amends from the customer, the final image when approved is then rendered to a high-resolution image and at a file size that is perfect for any deliverable from large format print to online usage.


The reward for our customers is when the final image is presented. Working in partnership throughout, our customers are part of the journey. As AIM work transparently throughout, our customers see the build develop together towards the final version.


If you are looking for a helping hand for a boat show, sales collateral or to present the vision for a personal project, click here for a chat. From video montages to 360 animation as well as internal and exterior imagery, have a look at the work for our marine customers. We hope you like.

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