How We Do It

To produce a CGI image, here is how it works:

  • The whole process kicks off by requesting as much information as we can in terms of DWG/CAD plans, landscape information, building specification and any information that you would like to see in the final version.
  • We come back with a schedule for when the first draft will be received and check that all is ok your side.
  • Rather than our team being from a purely architectural background, we have always encouraged employing those with a creative background to appreciate aspects such as layout and also lighting. There is a thin line between what looks ‘ok’ and what looks ‘wow’ and we have always strive for the latter!
  • Our modelling is via animation, simulation and rendering software 3DS Max. There maybe elements of Photoshop that need to be included, but the whole promise is to create an environment as realistic as possible
  • When the first draft is ready we send to our customers on the agreed date (normally via email) the agreed image. At this early stage, we emphasise to our customers that this isn’t necessarily the final model for what will be rendered but to encourage any comments, collate feedback and let us know
  • When we receive the comments and pointers we then schedule back in with the studio team who then work on the second draft. This includes areas that need more attention or design elements that perhaps needed to be more succinct, but don’t worry; we’ll make sure all items are addressed.
  • When we send back the second draft, we like to think that we’re heading in the right direction for final approval. We understand that some minor changes need to be addressed and that step closer to the final version (or in many cases approved during this stage)
  • The third draft is where we expect the final approval from our customers, once all ok then back with the studio team to produce the final render. For a final image the resolution is perfect for any size from large format print to using online. The final image is supplied as a high-resolution jpeg.

If you would like to discuss your next project and a chat with one of the team for how we can bring to life, click here (link to contact page). The process works in a similar way for our animation sequences, but for a more definite breakdown we’re here to give a helping hand.

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