The Make Or Break Mountain Climb That Is Visualisation Accuracy

When scale is the focus for a project, consistency and accuracy within architectural animation are key.

The historic Alderley Park Estate represents 400 acres of open fields and woodland located in Cheshire. It has been the focus for a new architectural animation project within three defined areas and working in partnership with developer, PH Property Holdings.

Cedar Square, Alderley Park from PHPropertyHoldings Ltd on Vimeo.

We spoke to Philip Hughes, Managing Director of PH Property Holdings on his experience and verdict of the final output of this architectural visualisation project.

Nothing could be left to any discrepancy. Surely the investment of time and energy in a sizeable initiative must come with its own set of challenges?

Philip explained, “The biggest challenge is the precision of the detail. For a premium product, we could not work with a company where anything is left to chance or the representation did not align with our vision.”

“We had previously created water colours for new developments. This has a huge advantage in terms of a two to three day turnaround. However for Alderley Park, there had to be an investment in the detail. A visualisation route was the correct route to progress.”


Painting A New Picture

architectural visualisationWhilst the ultimate objective for the collection of imagery is to sell the homes, Philip highlighted the importance of realism, “There are different ways a homebuyer will look at this.”

“For some it is sharing in the truest way how everything will look, to others it is to dissect and pay attention to the finer elements. People have to be informed and whilst it has to look desirable, the definition from the bricks to the slate has to be pristine.”

When looking at the final work, did this all lead back to the initial vision? Philip explained, “It had to. For the visualisation team to make an accurate representation, the correct architectural packages had to be prepared and detailed.”

“As the project progressed, what we started to find is that the whole process becomes a design checking tool as well. This is something that has been extremely valuable to achieve what we wanted.”

Finally, where does Philip see the reward in this project once the final renders and animation sequences are supplied. Philip concluded, “Ultimately, this becomes our canvas for off-plan sales. This forms a key part for the entire marketing campaign for people to lean in and to immerse themselves within Alderley Park. It has been a worthwhile journey that has been worth the investment to create something that is factually accurate.”



From The Visualisation Side

The project was led from Architecture In Motion by Christian Jackson. From his perspective, the critical element about the Alderley Park project was ensuring continuity and accuracy within such a wide area.

Chris explains, “When you have a sizeable project to focus your efforts on, you are effectively joining the dots to create one big picture, that is consistent. To anyone looking at the entire estate, from the elevations to the flythrough, everything has to conform within the environment it is part of. Accuracy and precision are the most important tools any visualiser has to bring to the whole development process.”

“The great challenge for this project is to turn an extensive site, into something that is easy for someone to interpret. If someone can make a commitment, from requesting more information to making an eventual sale, then we have done our job and that makes us happy.”

“It took time and detail, the Alderley Park project is one we loved being a part of.”

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