My Education With 3DS Max

My Education With 3DS Max. Adele Lawson is our Junior Visualiser. When getting to grips with a new piece of software, it can present a whole new journey of learning.

3DS Max is the primary platform of software that we use within Architecture In Motion to help create the imagery that you see within our portfolio of work. Lets find out the user experience from Adele’s perspective.

Is This A Notable Transition (Using 3DS Max)?

On the one side my background is within illustration so I have creative attention to detail. The opposite side of this is applying creativity within a new piece of software.

This means becoming confident with something new.

I studied Graphic Communications at Bath Spa University and one of my passions is illustration. Prior to Architecture In Motion I worked for an cartoon/illustration agency. This provided a groundwork for learning and also using my creativity as an outlet.

When you are comfortable with packages such as Photoshop, adding a new dimension namely 3DS Max, means adapting to a new way of learning.

Is It Easy To Learn A New Skillset?

Nothing is easy when it comes to learning something new, it’s how you apply yourself and make a commitment to develop.

What it does create is an open mind to how the creative process works.

To many people who are using the programme for a relatively short period of time, it could look quite daunting. During the early months, it did look technical but the end result is always to have an artistic interpretation, which is what I have a firm grounding within.

If you work within a defined structure, it does provide freedom to express how you envisage the final image to be portrayed.

How Have You Developed Your Knowledge With 3DS Max?

The modelling process always has a beginning, a middle and an end. The only way to become skilled and comfortable is to embrace the tools that you have.

What started as continuing client amends and introducing elements such as lighting and texture has developed to working on full customer briefs and creating new imagery. This is where the reward becomes a great feeling.

What Is The Reward (On A Personal Level)?

Being able to create a strong visual piece of work from scratch. The process evolves so much from start to finish, it’s always rewarding being able to produce something that the client has envisaged. 

Of course there is another side to it, which is knowing the images you’ve created will be used on live developments. Seeing others use imagery for their marketing and helping achieve their outcome namely encouraging the sales process is where the longer term satisfaction sits. What we are doing is effectively helping people sell, quicker. 

My Education With 3DS Max

How Will You Develop Your Understanding?

One of the biggest assets to learning and building confidence is to work with those around me, who share the knowledge they have.

We have built a supportive environment here at Architecture In Motion. I believe that the only way we can develop our skillsets is to take from those who ‘have’ and ‘are’ doing it.

There is no competitiveness, we share ideas and to have a space where we can be open and support is one of the most valuable places to be. This is how we all progress and encourage our own self-development, no matter what industry.

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