Croft End Church – Creating More Than 3D Visualisation

croft end church

Adam Blundell is a crucial part of our architectural visualisation team. Here is his favourite 3D visualisation project and how the customer relationship is key for a project to be a success.

The Croft End Church animation project based in Bristol involved a new film to help raise funds for the development of a new church building & community space. The aim was to highlight the vision of the new church to the various stakeholder groups and generate enthusiasm from the existing church members. Click on the image below to see the final film.



Creating Assets

Adam explained, “The main aspect to delivering a final project that a client considered an asset, is for both groups (client and supplier) to have an open and understanding relationship. For any project to be a success there has to be a two way conversation.”

“Keeping a flow of communication is essential. Whether that is to meet up and show how the project is progressing or having a phone conversation. A project becomes a smooth process when there is a dialogue and everyone is clear. From realistic demands to setting goals, this is a venture that everyone had to be part of.”

croft end church



The Importance Of The Brief

The two-minute film highlights the new community hub and shared spaces for people to interact in. Working with Andrew Yelland (Pastor) and Architect Peter Webley, an important role was to interpret the initial brief accurately while having creative control to create the best impressions for the new space.

Adam highlighted, “I find the ability to create our own world very rewarding. Working from an original brief and also having a reasonable amount of autonomy is an ideal situation; seeing something come together that is visually appealing and functional too, gives a huge amount of personal reward. A mutual appreciation for the vision of the project, while also pushing ourselves to create something better than was originally envisaged, is what we should all be aiming for.”

Architect Peter Webley commented, “Our experience working with Architecture in Motion was altogether refreshing. The enthusiasm offed by Adam who clearly demonstrated his ability to understand our requirements cleverly interpreted our vision.”

croft end church

Creating strong relationships is paramount for any project to be a success. Appreciating the goals for any 3D animation and delivering a vision where others feel part of something new (that they can interact and be part of), can become a fulfilling experience for both client and supplier.

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