This Is What I Enjoy And What I Know – With Tom Bussey

Tom has been part of the AIM Property CGI team since 2013. Lets find out what it is about the industry that Tom enjoys being part of.


How Did Your Path Lead To The 3D Visualisation Space?

I have a degree in Applied Arts from Middlesex University. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a traditional route that finds a career within a 3D visualisation company, there is a link. It has its grounding in CAD/CAM production techniques 3D and also planning how a product looks, which is invaluable when it comes to taking a project on-board. 

Prior to Architecture In Motion I was working within a furniture dealership as the main source within the company for modelling work and my confidence with 3D modelling software such as Studio Max became more accomplished. 



Where Do Your Strengths Lie As A 3D Visualiser?

As my background is very much within the planning and modelling side, I’d like to think that as well as creating something that is easy to interpret for a customer, it is crucial to understand the technical elements of a project.

One thing that I believe in is to sell the whole idea of space. Whilst the subject matter may be a property for a CGI project, it is also vital to understand the context the property sits within and to draw a gaze to the whole image and look at the whole detail.


2380_15 W1 Rectory Lane Photomontage draft 2

Working With A Team Or On Your Own?

I know that when it comes to creating an image, the focus is on using our own individual skills, but I believe that when you work with a team you bring in a lot of experience. 

There is a wide range of visualisation skillsets at Architecture In Motion. It is important to understand that one person does not have all the answers. I’d like to think that we have built a solid sharing environment. This means a sympathetic and constructive eye to the work we have created and when we share with others, this is with people who have know-how and accumulated knowledge over the years. 



What Makes A Successful 3D Visualisation Project?

A good project comes down to understanding the subject matter and also the level of detail that is provided. 

It is not good practice for a visualiser to make considerable assumptions, there has to be a level of structure. Detail is always key. 

The more information a 3D visualiser receives, the stronger the image. 

Here is my quick formula:

More detail + less assumptions = a better image

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