Frequently Asked Questions (2) – With Sandra

Following on from Sandra’s previous article on the popular questions that she is asked, lets sit down and ask what are some more of the common questions that prospective and existing customers ask when it comes to architectural illustration projects.


What Is A Design Change?

Sandra – ‘This is quite a popular question asked. A design change is basically an amendment to a model or CAD/DWG’s, after an initial brief and files have been suppliedie. a draft has been suppliedor project already commenced. This means there are new architectural drawings and elevations to work to that are different from the original information.

It sounds easy, but it does take time addressing new drawings. However, lets not get confused with a routine amend. This could be changes in colour a material. An example would be new garage door colour. As a guide we always allow for three drafts to allow for routine amends.

To limit any further costs and investment of time, I would always say to make sure there is clarity that the files supplied are correct and not likely to change.”


What Is A Bespoke And A Non Bespoke Interior CGI?

Sandra – “The easiest way is to define as two separate projects:

Bespoke CGI: this relates to an image or animation that contains specific materials. This could include defined lighting, furniture and fixtures and fittings. Even to specific detail such as chandeliers may be taken into consideration. A bespoke CGI represents an image that a customer has a particular vision and knows exactly the elements that will be contained within the final image. It is our responsibility to present it in the most realistic way and within context of its environment.

Non-Bespoke CGI: within the studio, we have a rich library of furniture. We can work to a particular style that a customer would like to see. This is not as specific as a bespoke CGI, but requires thought and consideration to the way that a customer would like the image to be portrayed. We always ask for inspiration, photos and relevant examples that provides the team an idea for the final product that a customer would envisage.


Can I Have My First Draft By This Friday?

Sandra: “We completely understand there may be occasions when turnaround is sooner, rather than later. One thing that we can always promise is to have that discussion with a customer, once we have seen the relevant files, based on advising the lead time to produce the first draft. As mentioned in the first question, we always allow for three amended versions.

We always try to accommodate customers wherever we can, all it requires is that initial conversation to understand the level of detail, how many images you would like and when you would need it by. If you have a sense of urgency, please don’t think that the door is shut, there are always options for us to both consider.”


Is It More Cost Effective To Produce A Number Of CGIs Of The Same Building?

Sandra: “The easiest answer is…yes. When it comes to every build, we model the whole exterior and cost per view. The more elevations produced for a CGI image, the most cost effective the unit cost is. When it comes to marketing purposes, alternative views can help the sales process.

As a suggestion if you are planning a CGI for each side of a home, why not consider an exterior flythrough animation. The subject matter has been modelled and adding a video sequence can support the sales process with a film of what has already been modelled. If you would like to have a chat about this option just let me know, click here.”


Can You Work With My Paper Drawings?

Sandra: “Whilst we prefer working from CAD drawings (this just makes things more detailed), we can also work with paper drawings.

If you have paper drawings for us to focus on, always let us know from the outset as this can affect time and cost. If these drawings contain extensive detail to help with the CGI build, then is always appreciated.

Before any project commences, we always need to analyse the detail supplied. Whether it is working from digital or paper, we can accommodate.”

If you have any questions related to an upcoming project, just let Sandra and the team know.


Anything that you would like to discuss in more detail just get in touch. You can contact Sandra on or call 0117 925 1050.

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