Why Overseas Architectural Visualisation Projects Are Different

Whilst a large proportion of our work is domestic architectural visualisation, there is a significant difference when you move to international projects.

Rather than showcasing a host of our work from overseas, there is a marked difference when understanding different environments.

We had a chat with Adam, from our architectural visualisation team.

Adam has worked on the Marabaix project in Majorca, Spain and well aware of the subtle differences to share.


What Is The Biggest Factor In Realism?

As with many projects a key area for a realistic animation is to get the lighting absolutely spot-on.

Whilst our sunsets here in the UK can have a pink glow to them, within the tropics they can be very harsh. Lighting depends on the latitude.

You have to be sympathetic with the environment that people will be looking at the final image. This, I believe is the truest way to create an image that stands out, detail on the lighting is paramount.


What Is The Biggest Tool For Research If You Cannot Visit A Place Overseas?

Whilst it would have been fantastic to have a recce of a space overseas, that rarely happens.

Our next best resource is Google Earth, an extremely useful tool for our armoury. By looking at imagery from an existing space, you have an appreciation and an understanding of many things such as vegetation to styles of nearby buildings.

As an architectural visualisation company, we can create any image within any environment. However, it is vital to research the immediate space that a new development will be part of. The more information we have supplied, the better. Photos supplied and interpreted help create context.

For instance, the Marabaix project, background imagery helped immensely that helped depicts the sea and immediate surroundings with the cliff tops.


You Mention An Appreciation Of Buildings, How Does This Differ?

When working on Mediterranean projects, there is a huge difference in architectural style.

As you can see from the Marabaix film, it represents a style of architecture that is sparse and simple. Using a particular type of sandstone helped define its appearance within its location. Creating this would perhaps have looked out of place if it was within the UK?


What Is The Similarity With A Domestic And Overseas Project?

Everything comes down to the detail of the original brief and interpretation.

A villa style lifestyle is completely different from a country manor. You have to create an animation with the audience in mind and an understanding of the space that you are working within. For instance, an olive tree would look completely out of place in one image, but fitting in another.

Everywhere is different and has it’s own character that has to be understood and presented. When this is clear within the final animation, it plays a huge role in achieving buy in from a targeted audience.


Thanks to Adam for sharing his knowledge. For an overseas architectural visualisation project come and have that conversation. Call Sandra on 0117 9251050 or email sg@architectureinmotion.com

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