My Favourite Project – Dave Edwards (Verve Properties)

Dave plays a key role within the business as Associate Visualiser. Here is a series of articles that looks at particular projects our team members have felt privileged to be part of.


During September, Dave was assigned to work on the Brew House by London based Verve Properties. It is a redevelopment of a Grade II brewery located on Tower Hill, in Bristol City Centre, due to be released during 2015.


Straight Down To The Main Question




When getting straight to the point and asking Dave why this project has been a personal favourite during 2014, he responded, “When there are projects that challenge your interpretation and reward your creativity, these are the key ingredients to producing work we can all be proud of.”


“The project focused on producing a range of CGI images that highlighted the exterior and interior of the new building. The brief was to produce imagery that highlighted contemporary workspaces that were sympathetic to the original structure.”


“The imagery had to represent a mix of the old with the new. My biggest challenge was how to illustrate the spaces.”


Highlighting Character




The four-storey building is being renovated to accommodate 25,000 sq ft of commercial workspace.


Dave mentions, “The building has so much character. As you can see from the front of the building, the distinctive stone façade and arched windows become a key factor in the appeal of the development. When working on the interior imagery, this is where I applied a degree of artistic interpretation to represent what the Verve team have envisioned.”


“Working with Paul Braburn from Rock It (the interior design team), it is important to have an understanding for what the role of the interior imagery will play. This involved meetings on site and also in the Architecture In Motion studio.”


“When you create an open and transparent way of working, the whole process becomes so much more enjoyable. An ongoing discussion is created between customer and contractor.”



The Brew House does not necessarily fit into the remit of a traditional portfolio of CGIs.


The project can be considered as unconventional and unlike many office space projects. Creativity has been an aspect that has been encouraged since early discussions with Ashley Nicholson from Verve Properties.


“To be part of the design process, make suggestions but with focus on the original brief is what makes the Brew House a satisfying project to be part of. It is similar to baking a cake where every ingredient has to be considered, before you get to the final delivery and take a step back and appreciate the work.”


Developer Ashley Nicholson from Verve, commented, “It is imperative to have a solid working relationship. Our projects are unique and working with the right creative team who can interpret our brief is vital. If you lack enthusiasm, you lack direction. The Architecture In Motion team were able to share ideas and have been a core part of the project team.”


Thank you to Verve for the opportunity to work on the project. It has certainly been an enjoyable project that has challenged and rewarded.

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