What Inspires Me? With Craig Smith

Craig is a key member of our architectural visualisation team. Lets get to know a bit more about what inspires him and being part of an industry he enjoys.


Where Did Your Grounding Start In The Visualisation Industry?

I graduated from Plymouth University in 2010 with a BA Honours in Architecture and have been with the Architecture In Motion team for around 18 months.

Whilst I wouldn’t say that my architectural background is something that is applied everyday, what it has provided is an appreciation of the story of a project and the practicalities to portray. When you combine the knowledge of architecture and design, it can become an asset.


What Is A Big Sense Of Achievement?

One of the biggest rewards is for people to understand how the vision for a project can be portrayed visually. It can become pretty complex reading drawings and understanding the intricacies on paper. When models are created and a 3D treatment is applied, it brings a whole project to life and this is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.


What Inspires You?

I try to immerse myself within an industry that I appreciate. At the moment I am very much enthused how we can use brick in a modern way. Take for example, O’Donnell + Tuomey Architects interpretation of the brick student centre at LSE (London School of Economics). When I look at this, it is a fabulous building and a great example of creativity in architecture.

London School of Economics campus

Further afield a residential project in Vietnam with perforated brick walls and inspired by termite nests, is awe-inspiring. It is these kinds of projects that make me think and to enjoy the industry that I am part of.

Perforated brick walls


How Do We Get Better At What We Do?

The only way we can progress as individuals (and team members) is to push ourselves into new areas and not necessarily become too comfortable, otherwise we can become complacent. The current work for University of Central Lancashire involves working with a team of visualisers. It is a great opportunity to work with others and share idea. It is always interesting to see the interpretation from other team members. I believe that this is how we learn and become more accomplished at what we do.


What Is The Secret To A Good Client Relationship?

The biggest reward from a professional level is to work in partnership with a client who has a clear vision and it becomes a collaborative effort. To be challenged and to look at a project in a different way, can take on another level of satisfaction. Every project that I work on, I like to think that I have a considered approach as someone who understands the visualisation process and someone who can be trusted.

The industry is moving at such a pace, but the principals of an eye for detail and the ability to interpret the information provided, are still the key elements for a successful project and enjoying what we do.

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